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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello from Clovis, New Mexico

January 30, 2013

I was in 2 airplanes that successfully took off and landed 3 times.  I lugged what felt like a 100 lb.suitcase from one end of the Denver airport to the other, thanking the Good Lord for those two sets of flat escalators…I will never travel without one of those rolly suitcases.  I had a severe case of "rollycase" envy that’s for sure!  On the first leg of my flight, I rode in a nice jet, Frontier, with Larry the Lynx on the tail fin and wing fins.  A nice young man next to me was nice enough to turn the fan off that was blowing on my face (I didn't know how), and to get my bag out of the overhead for me.  I slept a little and looked out the  window a lot.  I haven’t flown in 18 years.  

The second leg  I rode in a twin propeller, 20 passengers.  19 of them got off at Santa Fe, so I had the plane all to my self as I was the only passenger flown into Clovis.  Kinda neat…like a celebrity.  

And who was waiting for me?  Darling Danielle, Delightful Delilah, and Ben.  Delilah knew who I was, waved, said, “Hi!” and came to me with her arms open.   Phew.  Make a grandma’s heart flow over, you know?  

The kids have been working so hard getting ready for this move, and there is still quite a bit to do before we hit the road tomorrow.  I know they don’t want to, but if it gets too late in the day, like around 2 or 3, I hope we decide to start early the next day.  Ah, we’ll see, I’m getting way ahead of myself.  

When I am away from home, I watch all the adult cartoons on Cartoon Network.  Family Guy, American Dad, etc.  A guilty pleasure, so to speak.  

January 31.    

I took a long, hot, soaking Epsom Salts bath last night.  I could feel the toxins leaving my body from the top of my head, it was pretty neat.  I’ll be doing that again pretty soon.  

I got up at 7, slept very well.  I’m ready to go, just waiting to hear from the kids.  So disappointed that my room did not have wi-fi, just down in the lobby.  $100 for a room with no wi-fi?  Yeah, I’ll be expressing my displeasure for that.  I was able to steal a bit of a weak signal from the downstairs, but it was slow and iffy.  

My arms are aching this morning from hauling my suitcase yesterday.  Tell me again why I didn’t want to check that bag?  Lord.  

Confused by the time change (it's an hour earlier here than at home), I checked out of my room an hour early.  


The kids are on their way to get me.  They'll be here in about 10 mins, and after making a few revisions in the packing of the vehicles, we'll be on the road.  

Any prayers you'd like to lift up for us on this trip would be so appreciated.  

Play Nice!

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  1. Hoping all continues to go smooth!