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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sniff, Sneeze, Snort

That's been my day today.  I have blown my nose so much today, I feel like it is probably red as Rudolph's.  I know it feels pretty raw...I'm afraid to look.  I think my eyelids are swollen, either that or my eyes are.

I didn't do a bit of stitching or stuffing today.  I did get some laundry done, and I did help my girlfriend run the battery down on her phone.  I shared some fabric and some patterns with my old friend, Dammit Janet.  Oh, and I did make progress with my new daycare connection.  Saying prayers and crossing fingers that this works out as well as I hope.  Oh, and I did get the dates to plan my last trip to Clovis, NM.  I thought about renting a car and driving, 'cos I do love a nice long road trip, but that would be double the price of a one way ticket to fly!  Not counting gas, lodging...pffft.  I'm not dumb.

Oh hell, I just looked at my nose.  Poor thing, it looks as bad as it feels.  I put some medicated cream on the affected areas...Vicks is pretty much out of the question tonight, that would burn like crazy!

I'm going to say my prayers and go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

Play Nice!

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  1. I've got some healing balm from the Honest Company. You should give it a try when we get 2 weeks!