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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time is FLYING!

Thanksgiving found me emotional and blue.  We'd both had a cold, it was just the two of us for the first time, ever, and I couldn't eat.  I was missing people that used to be in my life, those that have passed, and those that have surprisingly moved on (nothing lasts forever, right?)...blech.  I really dislike feeling like that.

Today finds me feeling a bit better, a bit lighter, and every day that passes brings the day that my little New Mexico Family will be here to celebrate Delightful Delilah's first birthday!

She made her first visit to Santa over the weekend.  Suffice to say she is not a fan.

What's with the green gloves?  

Work at the Pro Shop has been pretty busy...we've had a couple of pretty chilly days, but usually have at least 4 - 7 card players on those days.  

Gotta tell you about my experiment, "Operation Bacon Balls."  One of my Artists Loft friends has a shop called A Moment in Paradise  (Coupon Code THANKU for 30% off until Midnight tonight).  She makes these aromatherapy balls in so many fragrances...anyway, she told me that she had a Bacon fragrance.  "Hmmmm," I thought.  "I wonder, if I put a bag of bacon balls somewhere near the card players, would it stimulate their hunger?"  Seriously, just talking about it makes me hungry.  The first day, I had it hanging near the cash register, no response...the next time I set it on the counter, and put a little fan behind it to "waft the flavor waves" in their general response.  

Now, if it makes me hungry, why isn't it make them hungry?  They are older men, maybe their noses don't work as well as they used I hung the bag of bacon balls under the table they sit to play cards at.  Still, no more food orders than normal.  Gotta be something else.  

So I ordered some candle tarts, bacon scented of course.  The first day I melted one (they are big) I only had a couple of guys come in all day.  The second day...with the bag of bacon balls hanging under the table and a bacon candle tart warming...I sold 5 double cheeseburgers.  SUCCESS!  

On the Handmade by Cosmo front, I've been busy, busy!  I've had quite a few custom orders, have a few to fill yet.  Here are some of my newest Critters.

Hounstooth Hound
Little Puppy Pal
Lazy Horsey
(Ride the painted pony let the spinnin' wheel spin...)
Christmas Scotty
Also available in Itsy size

Custom Pink Unicorn

Come see my shop, Handmade by Cosmo.  From now until Midnight on Cyber Monday, you can use the coupon code COSMO for 10% off your entire purchase.  

Play Nice!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cyber Friends

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting face to face with Pam, the owner of the Etsy shop Gypsy That I Was.

Pam is a very active participant in the group that we belong to on facebook, Artists Loft, we've chatted for a few months.  She had some business on my side of the state we share, I invited her to come have a Reuben at my work place.  Seriously, who can resist a Reuben?

So here's the deal...she never actually "said" that she would stop by, like she was going to surprise me...but I work at a place where it's mostly men that walk in the door, so I knew it was her as soon as she walked in.  (I knew she was coming, too, btw)

Just so you know, she is as cool in person as she is in the group.  She brought me a Weird Beard of my very own, and since I am not a fan of the cold, I'm sure it will get a lot of use this Winter.

Me and Pam

I thought I share some of my favorites from her shop (see above link)...

This is something I would use, I do not like this part of me getting cold.  
(I don't like any part of me getting cold.)

Check this freestyle hat, ear flaps, lotsa yarn keeping that body heat from escaping from your head
This is an important addition to any Winter activity.  

For the most ultimate warmth in the cold weather, wear the hat above with this Weird Beard.  
(I'm pretty sure she'd make one for you in your color choice)

You know y'all need to get started shopping for Christmas Presents, so why don't you shop some sweet little handmade shops on Etsy?  You can find a whole lotta unique gifts, most can be custom made, and you'll be helping us little ol' shop owners at the same time, instead of helping some retail giant get richer.  

That's all for me tonight.
Play Nice!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Night hangin' at home.

I've been chatting with my friend, Red Weaver, a thought popped up about my mom I hadn't shared with anyone I don't think, thought now would be a good time.

This is way back in '89 or '90...I was making clothing out of what I called feed sacks.  I had quite an assortment, made jumpers, jackets, vests, simple lined bags...I though they were the most unique things I had ever created, I still think they are way cool.

Somehow, I don't remember the details, in October I got involved at a craft show with a girl that was about 15 I think...secretly pregnant...and all she did all day was sit in a chair and tap her feet.  Tap tap left, tap tap tap right...all day.

No sales, tap tap tap, lots of people, tap tap tap...and then my mom came in.  We chatted for a bit, tap tap tap, then she went to browse around.

Mom loved garage sales, drag racing, thrift stores, material shopping, and craft shows, among many other things.  A talented woman, where I get my craftiness.

Anyway...all of a sudden a lady comes straight over to our booth, and bought a jacket.  It cost $30.00, and I was pretty tickled.

After both of my parents were gone, I was going through their old cancelled checks, it was just a comfort to see their handwriting.  I found a check made out to some lady, dated in October, and in the memo it said C-Jacket.

I know that I knew then that Mom had arranged that sale.  She probably let the lady keep the jacket.  I knew because I saw her over on the other side of the room acting like she wasn't watching.  I bet that made her really happy to see me be so happy to finally make a sale.

I hope that all of you that still have your mom's appreciate that.  And for those of you that don't, I'd hope and pray that you have some wonderful memories, too.

Play Nice!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Artists Loft Team Promotions - Day 5

This will be the last installment of my sharing the shop, Twiggy and Opal with you.  I promised yesterday that I would share some of her Holiday creations with you today.

Rustic Ornaments

Aren't these just the cutest?  I can so see them hanging from your Christmas Tree, or even as an adornment for a special gift.  Her attention to detail is apparent here, from the choice of fabrics to the points on the star. Click on over to her shop, they are available in a couple of color schemes.

Holiday Gift Bags
Is this the year that you are finally going to start using eco-friendly wrapping for your Christmas Gifts?  If it is, Jayne's shop should be your first stop.  They come in sets of 3, 3 different sizes.  They are handy, festive, and the perfect way to say Merry Christmas to Mother Earth.  

Holiday Hot Pads
What a beautiful set of hot pads, how pretty would these be on your Holiday Table?  These make me think of stained glass, they are so pretty.  Again, Corners are square and crisp, seams are straight and true.  

I've shown you quite a few of Twiggy and Opal's wares this week, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing Jayne's work.  Take a look at everything in her shop, you just might find that special Christmas Gift for that special person there.  

One last question for my friend...

How would you want everyone to remember you?

I guess I would want to be remembered as someone who has tried to be kind, caring and compassionate to others. I don't always come across like that in real life or cyberspace...but I try! 

And, remember me as someone who adores and loves her family with all her heart!

That's Jayne.  From what I can tell she is just like that.  Go check out her shop, maybe favorite a couple of items...if you have any questions and/or suggestions, she's very good with conversation, and with her eye for detail, if you placed a custom order with her, you would not be disappointed!  

Handmade for Christmas this year, right? 

Play Nice! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 4 - Artists Loft Team Promotion

Day 4 of promoting the glorious Jayne of Twiggy and Opal.  If you've been following this blog, I'm sure you can tell that I think a lot of this girl.  I've "known" her for just a few months, and probably for only a few collective minutes per day, but in that short time I've found her to be friendly, happy, helpful, and passionate about her craft/art.

I use the term "craft" but I really mean art when it comes to this shop.  Beautiful Functionality.  

Modern Lap Quilt

If I owned this quilt, it would be draped over my reading chair, ready to wrap around my shoulders as I got comfy with a good book, or if I wanted to take a quick nap.  The soothing color of melting chocolate with some sprinkles thrown in...yeah, that's good stuff right there.  Be sure to click on the link above to get a look at the back of this quilt, too.  Unique.

Fabric Bunting

Again with the crisp, clean corners.  And you can see the flair she has for matching bold prints and patterns together to make it so pleasing to the eye.  The attention to detail in small pieces like this is not a talent every seamstress has.  

These cute little whale tale bookmarks (yes, some people still do read real books) are such a cute idea!  And how clever to use a little grommet for the blow hole!  (No, it's not an eye, in case you were wondering.  *gs*)

My question to Jayne for today was this:  If you won the lottery, what would you do? 

Without thinking quit my job! I would phone it in! That would be the first thing! Of course, I would do all the responsible things like pay off bills, house, pay for colleges. I would also make sure that my mom has everything she needs and wants to make her comfortable for the rest of her life! 

And then....move to somewhere tropical! Like Hawaii! Buy a house on the beach and never wear shoes again! thing....I have met some wonderful ladies since being an Etsy owner. Most of whom are Loft Team Members. I would gather them all up and swoop us all off to a fun location (the beach) where we could finally get to meet, have fun and laugh until the cows came home! If it weren't for so many of these multi-talented, generous, kind and unselfish people....where would I be??? 

See what I mean?  Kind and thoughtful she is.  Now I just hope she wins the lottery soon!  

Tomorrow will be the last day that I will be promoting Twiggy and Opal on this blog, I'll be featuring some of her seasonal items, as well as asking her one last question (it's a doozy), I'm sure you won't want to miss that!  

See you tomorrow, Play Nice! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Artists Loft Team Promotion - Day 3

As the title says, this is Day 3 of my promoting Jayne of Twiggy and Opal.  And as promised, I will be featuring my favorites of her kitchen towels, table, runners, and hot pads.

For her Kitchen Towels, I love this set.  Let me bring to your attention the points on the "bunting, look how straight and true her seams are.

Then I went over to her Modern Pot Holders section, and found this...

Why not cap it off with this nifty, smart and oh so stylish table runner?  

In my opinion, this set would be a perfectly whimsical yet practical gift.  Don't know exactly what to get Aunt Doris, Grandma Gert or that quirky Uncle Teddy that you only see once a year?  Give them something that they will remember!  Give them something that's been handmade with love.  

The kitchen is the heart of the home...put some home made handmade goodness in there!  Honestly, this whole set or any of these pieces would make a fabulous gift for anyone!  Speaking for myself, if I were to receive something like this as a gift, I'd be thrilled!  

My question for Jayne for Day 3 was this:  What is the hardest thing about your craft?

I think the hardest thing is getting what I see in my mind to translate in a design. I have a million ideas swimming in my head! Sometimes it takes a while for it to come together and become reality! Even then, it doesn't always work! 

I also don't have enough time to devote to my sewing. With a full time job and every day life there aren't enough hours in the day! There are countless hours that go into quilting. I've had and have countless projects sitting for weeks and months before I can get to them!   

She says this, but I've known her to knock out some projects over a weekend, too.  

Tune in tomorrow, same craft time, same craft channel.  I'll be showing you some quilts, and some pretty cute accessories this artist has produced.  

Play Nice!  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Artists Loft Team Promotion - Day 2

Day Two - Promoting Jayne of Twiggy and Opal.

My second question to Jayne was this:  What do you love about your craft?

Her Answer:    I love creating! Having the freedom to do what I want with color, texture and design! It has been an awesome experience being able to do what I do! 
I let the fabric speak to me and rarely know where a design will take me from start to finish! That is one of the things I love about quilting and sewing: there are no rules! I can think outside the proverbial box! Add a little here, cut a bit there and in the end it all comes together and becomes a masterpiece to me! 
I was a little scared when I started designing my own things! I didn't know if anyone would 'get' what I do and like it! Thankfully there is a place out there for not only my creations, but for so many others!

Today I'd like to showcase some more of Jayne's detailed work.  This girl is a whiz at small machine sewing.

Do you need or would you like to have a handmade business card holder?  If you are anything like me, you've bought one from Walmart, and are thinking, "No, I got a ding dang business card holder," but wait, these business card holders Jayne creates are something different.

My holder is made out of this fabric, mine is long instead of wide.  This is what I do.  I keep my debit card in my business card case, which I keep in my billfold.  When I pull out my debit card, one of my business cards comes out with it, which I promptly give to whomever is ringing me up.  

But that's enough about me...

If you look closely, you will see her corners are neat and crisp.  If you've done any sewing at all you know how important it is to have good corners...and if you haven't done any sewing, well, you'll just have to believe me.

Just perfect.

So far I've shown you Jayne's talents as a quilt maker, today I've shown you how intricate and detailed her work can be with the business card/debit card holders...but of course there is more.

Change Purse/KeyChain

Her Change Purses are as sweet and detailed as all her other works.  I have a feeling there is someone on your Christmas List that would just love to have something like this...go check out her other choices (there are many), this would be the perfect little stocking stuffer, one that you put in the toe of the stocking, because that's where the most special stocking presents go, right?  

Tomorrow, sure you come back tomorrow.  I will be showcasing some of Jayne's amazing kitchen creations!  

Play Nice!  


Friday, November 2, 2012

Artists Loft Promotion - Day One

I belong to a group on Facebook, called Artists Loft.  There are about 40 members of this group.  We are supportive, enthusiastic, and dedicated in making our Etsy shops a success.  Everyone in the group is caring and helpful to each other, there is no drama in this group, we are all friends.

With Christmas coming, we've decided for each of us to promote one member of our group each week.  This is not a requirement, this is just something cool that some of us have decided to do.

The shop I am going to share with you this week is called Twiggy and Opal.  The owner, Jayne, is a pretty neat chicklet. She's crazy detailed with her one of a kind quilts, this one is my new favorites in her shop.

You gotta click on it to see it for real, and to see the back of it, too.  Jayne has quite a flair when it comes to making art with fabric.  Her quilts are beautiful, and really out of the "norm." Jayne's signature style shows through every piece of work she does.  If you were to order something from her, there wouldn't be a thread out of place, her seams are straight and true.  

I've asked Jayne a question for today.  I asked her what started her in the crafty business?  

Her answer:  Two words.  My daughter!  I have been mesmerized, inspired and proud of her from the day Britt was born!  She became a quilter many years ago and like a pit bull, she is sometimes very stubborn.  After months and months of wanting me to try quilting I gave in (you would too!), mostly to get her to stop!  It quickly became my passion, my creative outlet, my piece of sanity!  

After a few years of making quilts for family and friends, my little bundle of 'pit bull' joy suggested taking another journey...Etsy.  Eventually I decided I had nothing to lose!  Maybe I could make a go of it, has been just over a year since I uploaded that first Etsy item!  I has been a lot of hard work but so very worth it!  
My lovely daughter still inspires and amazes me.  The great thing that happened through this journey...I now inspire her!   

So, go ahead, clickety on over to Jayne's Etsy shop, you will be glad you did.  

Play Nice!  

P.S.  Think Handmade for Christmas this year!