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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Maker's Market

 I did it.  I have a bunch of Critters up at the Peculiar Maker's Market.  And I have already sold a few.  One being a custom order that was picked up yesterday, and she loved it. 

This is my little area, mirror not included.  I do intend to doll it up a bit, of course.  I have a vinyl sign coming, and some more business cards.  

Velvet Purple Lion.  

I have my prices set pretty low...I really just want to make enough to pay for the booth rental and maybe a little more.  For me, this gives me a reason to create more.  It has crushed the creative block I was suffering from.  It also gives me a place to go that isn't very far from home.  I can go hang out for a minute, get a cup of "fancy" coffee, then come back home and create some more.  

I've made 3 new big cats, a custom dog, and have another cat cut out ready to be stitched and stuffed.  

Lot's going on in my brain these days.  So much it's hard to keep up.

Play Nice!  xxoo