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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Home from a Flea Market

 So...just got home.  Made a few sales, made some new friends, gave my business card to a few people, got stood up by a chick that had me put the burning of Jesus back for her.  

I mean, honestly?  Flake out on Jesus?  

Had a little snafu with Square, hopefully I can get it straightened out tomorrow.  

My new umbrella worked out great, it's a sun blocker, and adjustable 3 different ways.  

Here's my set-up's a work in process.  

I brought 2 tables today, which helped with the display.  I really think I need another rack, but I'd have to sell a little bit more when I don't need every penny I can get right now.  Times are tight for Cosmo these days!  

I sold about 12 pieces.  I get so tickled when someone buys one of my burnings.  In the words of Sally Fields, "They like them, they really like them!"

There may be another flea market October, weather permitting I'll be there.  Working on my etsy shop, also.  

Along with running around with Young Son a bit this week, my shop (see above) is my main priority.  I want to get it up and running, so you guys can share it with all your friends, and hopefully, we'll all have a Merry Christmas this year!  

Speaking of this year...does anyone actually know what in the world is going on right now?  "They"say this, "they" say that, of course there's always someone else that is saying something completely different.  

Yeah, I know it's been awhile, but the time to begin (or re-begin) is always now, so why not?

If you happen to see this, leave me a little comment?  Like I said, working on my shop (see above) and being seen is important!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, April 10, 2020

Just a little Update

Still in self-quarantine.  Picking up another grocery order this afternoon.  I'm thankful that Sweetheart can continue to play golf as much as possible.  It's really the best for both of us, 

I've been doing my burnings, planted some seeds, then transplanted them to a pot this week.  We are going through another cold spell...freezing at night.  If these don't make it, I'll get some others.  I really do like starting them from seed, though.

There has been some "behind the scenes" stuff going on in my little slice of Paradise.  Probably not any different that anyone else...I'm sure we all have things we don't talk about on the internet, well, I hope not anyway.

I have been watching a lot of Steve Wilko, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, as I burn.  Seriously that is like pure comedy to me.  Just love it.

So, I have a few things I need to get busy doing, so I should probably get to it.  Just wanted to check-in.  Oh, yeah, 2 positives in the Nursing Home a few block from us.  Ambulances and I think Life Flight was involved

Y'all,  for real, stay safe.  Stay home as much as you can!  I know it's Easter but I'm sure Jesus will understand if you watch your services at home.  It's what's in your heart, not where you are. 

Play Nice!  xxoo

My Spirit Animal, lately.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


I have to say, thank goodness for grocery pickup. 

I told Sweetheart yesterday, that with his collapsed lung ordeal a year ago, that I would go to the store for supplies.  No reason for both of us to go out, and he is more in danger going into the cesspool of Walmart. 

Talking to Darling Danielle yesterday, she said to just order groceries for pickup.  I planned to do that, without him knowing, because he was dead set against it. 

But, guess what?  He decided that it was safer for both of us to place an order for pick up.  No reason for either of us to go into the store. 

So we did.  Picking up tomorrow evening.  I am stoked!  I've been wanting to do this for a long time, mostly because I am an impulse shopper, so I feel this will be more cost efficient.

We're working on week 4 of isolation.  Self Quarantine.  Hopefully this order will carry us until the "all clear" is announced.  If not, we will order again. 

I've been working on some custom orders. 

I have to admit, this morning was a little's been cold and rainy all day yesterday and today.  I think I will be better once me and my canines can talk a walk outside in the next couple of days.  The neighborhood we live in has very little traffic, so we can walk in the middle of the street.  Keep social distance, and work off some of those doggie toenails/talons.  Hopefully tomorrow we can resume our walkies.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, Wash those hands & Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Splat the Cat

I've been reading books to my g-kids on line.  So fun!

Wash Your Hands, Social Distance is important, Play Nice!  xxoo

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Out in the World

Yes, I had to leave the comfort and safety of my homey home this morning.  Stopped at Walmart to get a prescription.

First of all...There are way too many people there, just shopping, browsing around without masks or gloves...aren't we supposed to be staying home! 

I didn't want to wait inside the store while it was being filled, so I wandered around outside.  They had a bunch of flowers and plants out. 

We are going 1st thing in the morning to stock up, and I believe I will start some seedlings.  I really do love starting a plant from the seed. 

Today, after I share this, I will be avoiding Facebook.  I need a breather.  Not quitting, not being dramatic...just a break for today. 

If you are just scrolling around looking for something cool to look at, I suggest you click here:

And then, here

That's it for now.  Stay in, stay safe, and Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Self Quarantine

Today it has been one week of our choice to stay home. 

Of course, he still golfs every day that he can.  Which is good for both of us.

I read a book to the g-kids yesterday.  Still need to do so for today, but they have earned a no-screen day for being heathens this morning  Mama needs a break, as we all do.  The kids have gone from going to one of 2 playgrounds every day, to playing in a field, to walks around the neighborhood. 
Raining there today, no relief for the toddlers. 

I so wish I was there with them, but then he'd have no one to take care of him if...

He had a collapsed lung in 2018.  I worry about him going to the store, if he starts coughing, well, that's scary in itself.  I had a heart attack in 2017, so I worry about that being compromised.  If we both go we take the chance of either one or both of us getting it. 

Today I am a little emotional, this whole thing is just so much.  Trying my best to keep it together, saying my prayers and keeping my faith.  That will never falter, I have had/seen too many miracles to lose that.

I tell you, what I really wish would happen...take the effing politics out of a world disaster.  All of the "people in charge" need to get together.  Get your smartest scientists from everywhere, find the antidote, and spray that stuff  like they spray the chemtrails. 

Yeah yeah, I know, you don't believe in chemtrails, don't do "conspiracy theories," etc., but times like these you may want to open your mind a little bit.  The people in charge don't really seem to care about helping us.  All the money that dummy Mike what's his name, spent on his election just to bow out after a couple of weeks?  WE COULD USE SOME OF THAT! 

And I have a very real feeling that there's something else going on while most of the population are regulated to their homes.  I just wish I knew what.

Ok, got those thoughts out so now I have room in my brain to think of more stuff. 

Stay Home, Wash Your Hands, Pray, and Play Nice!  xxoo

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wonderful Technology

When Darlin' Danielle was little, I would record books on cassette tapes for her to listen to when I wasn't home.  Single mom, you know the rest.

So, with all of us being homebound, and a little inspiration from the interwebs, I have been recording books for the twins.  Delightful likes them, too, but I will find some age appropriate books for her.  It makes me really happy and it makes them happy, too.

In the wonderful techno time, it is best to use what you have at your fingertips.

Stay Home, Wash your hands, Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, March 23, 2020

Virus Pros, Cons, Hopes and What Not

Pro:  Families are spending time together. 
Hope:  They find they enjoy each other's company, and become a stronger unit.

Pro:  Things are going to be much cleaner when this is over. 
Hope: Places of business do not let things go back to being shit hole filthy and lazy.

Pro:  Neighbors checking on neighbors.
Con:  Not wanting to answer the door, to anyone.
Hope;  The caring for each other will continue.

Usually I am a very optimistic person.  Probably too much so.  I always believe that everything will turn out just like it is supposed to.   As I realized that this is real life, and that we are in real danger.  There is no guarantee that this will work out like the ending of a movie. 

I don't want to get sick.  I certainly don't want to be gone from my life.  I still have hopes and dreams.  I want to watch my grandkids grow.  The thought of losing this opportunity has me pretty choked up. 

Today, again, I am a jumble of nerves inside. 

So, I know we are all in this handbasket together.  What have you been up to?  How are you feeling? 

Lots of praying going on here, living for the day that we get the all clear.  Hoping and praying that comes soon.  Until then...

Stay Home, Wash Your Hands, & Play Nice!  xxoo

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus aka Covid19

The virus that stopped the world. 

It started on the 11th, with a little mention about it being in the United States.  The disease started in China in some weird animal they were eating, but I've also heard that there was a secret bio-chem lab in China and some big heads were there working on something...but see, there's the problem.

We have been completely bombarded with stories, rumors, facts, non-facts, fake news and speculations for so long now, we are almost numb to it all.  Someone hears something that sounds "logical" so they re-post it on Facebook.  Without fact checking this just adds to the confusion stew.

Schools are closed, some for the rest of the year.  Restaurants are closed, only delivery or curbside service.  Grocery store shelves, especially Toilet Paper supplies, are empty.  Countless families are out of work, out of money, with worries about utilities, rent, groceries, all those day to day things that they worry about every day, but usually have a set date knowing when they will have the money to take care of those things. 

Social Distancing is now a thing.  6 foot from person to person, and no gatherings over 10 people. 

It is, to coin a phrase, a ClusterFuck, and the entire world is along for the ride.  No one knows when where how or why it will come to an end.  But there has to be a conclusion to every scenario. 

We just don't know.  We do not know.  It's the unknowing that is so unsettling to me. 

Staying indoors, staying home, that's not punishment for me.  I love my home, and those that I share it with.  As long as my Sweetheart can get to the golf course every now and then, I'm gonna have a good day.  We have dinner, find a good program or two to watch, stretch out, have a sleep then get up and do it again. 

I have been in my work-room and I have been busy. 

This was last week.  I was trying to keep my heart and mind in a good, positive place.  These were helpful for me to work on. 

These were from the week before.  Pre Coronavirus.  I guess I was feeling pretty wild, huh?  If I only knew then what was coming...nah, I don't think I would have done anything differently.  We're stocked up for quite a few dinners, hoping we don't have to get out before Wednesday at the earliest.

This was the week before,  that would make it Pre-Pre Coronavirus.  Farm Phase.  I have a super cool rooster, and another cow that I'm working on...

Busy hands are happy hands, says Grandma Baker.  And be sure to wash your darn hands!

Honestly, though.  This is a really good time to rest, reflect, meditate, yoga, you know, all those things you "never had time for" in the "real world."  Let's be thinking about how we can alter things around us to be more gentle, less frantic.  Think, discuss, pray.

And, as always, Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hello New Decade

Hey guys, one of my plans for this new year is to blog more.  I used to do the Xanga thing, and most of the cyber~friends I made there, we're still friends now, on Facebook.  It was quite helpful to get some thoughts out every day, and I think it will help me in this phase of life I am finding myself in. 

Learning to remain calm is one of the new lessons I am learning.  In retrospect, I am a very reactionary person.  I'm working on being a calming influence when life seems to get too big. 

I'm feeling a bit of Separation Anxiety since my little family moved away.  I was so involved in their lives and now they are far away.  I am learning that I understand this is normal, my "little girl" is a full grown woman raising a family in love and adventure and I feel so proud.  Doesn't mean that I shouldn't have the feeling of missing them.

Young Son, I'm steady praying for him.  My "little boy" is a full grown man.

Still doing my wood burning.  I am doing so much better than when I first started, and I am proud of that.  Some of my work is being displayed at a Vintage store here in town.  I've been doing some research on craft shows.  I didn't think I would do any while Darlin' Danielle was gone, but I might, some here close by.  Making plans, mental notes, thinking thoughts.

I dabbled in making some Christmas Ornaments this year, they went over pretty well.  Thinking of making some Garden Ornaments, too.  I really like doing the small, intricate work.

Commissioned sales were good in '19, which makes me happy.  I love doing custom work. 

You can check out my Personalized Pet Pyrography right here.

To see other burnings, click here.

I'm gonna trust in the knowledge that everything is going to work out exactly as it is supposed to. 

Play Nice!  xxoo