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Friday, October 25, 2019

Hey guys!

So much has been going on.  In August, right after the kids got an offer on their house, Mother Nature threw them a curve ball.  A "microburst" pulled a huge tree out of their back yard, damaging their fence and their neighbors fence, then flung it down upon their two-tier deck, and part of their roof.  Add to that, my SIL was leaving in two days for 6 weeks in Tennessee. 

My daughter is a wonder.  I can't even express how much stress she was going through, all with a smile on her face, loving the kids, doing what needed to be done.  Handled contractors, insurance people, etc.  I am always proud of her, but she iced the cake with this one.

So, the house is sold.  Not to the original people that offered, they backed out, but that was the 30th something house they had looked at, husband did not want to move, so the next people that looked at it, damaged and all, are now the proud owners.  1st time homeowners, they worked hard to get there, and we are real happy for them. 

My daughter's little family have been staying with us for their last couple weeks in Missouri.  They've been here a week now and how much fun do you imagine it is for me to be able to just walk down a flight of stairs, sit down on the floor and build a lego tower with the g-twins, or have my big-g sleeping with me every night? 

Amazing fun.  Amazing.  And I am truly thankful for the time I get to spend with all of them before they run off and start their exciting new chapter of their lives.

On the business side, I have been selling a lot of burnings!  We did a few shows in Warrensburg, and those were very successful.  I set up at a flea market here in my town once and sold a fair bit.  That makes me pretty happy.

This is the one everyone pointed out 
and read out loud.  
I was thrilled when someone finally purchased it!

I got a new burner, a bit more professional than the soldering iron/wood burning  pen from Walmart.  It heats up super quick and can get super hot.  It came with 3 tips, but I treated myself to a new ball type tip after I sold a few burninngs.  I really like it.  

My new work-room furniture arrived this week.  Amish, custom  roll top desk, a writing desk which will be my wood burning table) and a nice chair.  My mind is going a jillion different directions as to how to decorate.  Glad to have some help, my SIL is going to hang the knick-knack shelf came from the house I grew up in.  I have hauled it from place to place to place, only to have it hanging once in the duplex we lived in before we moved to Sweetheart's house.  I am super excited to get it hanging up, and decorating it with all my treasures I have collected through the years. 

Of course, I will share a pic here. 

Come take a look at my Facebook page, Handmade by Cosmo.  The links are pinned at the top of the page. 

Oh yeah, I am offering a super duper sale, from now (10-25-19) to November 25, 2019:  All burnings will be $10.  Personalized burnings will be $15.  $5.00 shipping.  Act now, or act a little later, just don't wait too long.  Christmas won't wait, not even for procrastinators! 

Play Nice!  xxoo