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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ready for the New Year Already

I love when it is time for a new year, I love the new beginning.  I've been thinking ahead of how I can do things differently, more positively for myself/family/business/allofit.

So...How was y'all's holiday?  Did you get along with your family members this year?  Did you give thoughtful gifts?

You know, I've been saying this for years but now I am actually going to do it, my budget is a little wider than it used to be, with the kids grown and all.  If I see something and it would be perfect for someone, I'ma gonna get it and save it for Christmas.  And...I'm going to remember where I put the stuff for safekeeping, too.  Gonna write myself a note.

I am working on a delightful project right now, should be finished in a couple days.  It is 3 of my elephants, in graduated sizes, each half a size larger.  I have the small one and the medium finished, they are turning out nicely.   I'll post a couple pics, for sure...and then I am making a larger version of the Lazy Pony, out of muslin.

We have a Print Shop, Shelton Printing, here in town, he has a copier there that can enlarge a pattern on regular sized 8.5 x 11 paper, in my case 330%.  So cool, and not expensive at all.  (They don't take debit cards).

So, as the deepest, darkest unit of Winter is forging upon us, I will say that I will not be all weathery alla time...but if we have a decent amount of snow and/or cold, I will be mentioning it now and then.

Tomorrow night we are going to a little After Christmas get together at one of our newer neighbors house.  I really hope they supply some "Hi, My Name Is..." stickers and not because I want to put a fake name on there just in case ...because I am terrible at names.  I can't remember a first name if I don't have the last name.  I have to know them both, and I will most usually refer to them with first and last names...unless they have a distinct middle name, I can do first name middle name actually better than first name last name.

My little family in Germany?  They are doing well.  Delilah just celebrated her 3rd birthday, and I got up early so I could Skype and be at the party, too.  They play and learn every day, she can almost write her name all by herself.  I miss them, and I'm thankful for the technology that we can actually see each other.

Oh, you want to know about Maria?  Glad you asked.  She is absolutely the best.  Her separation anxiety is pretty much non existent, no more barking when I leave, no more barking when I get home.  She's without a doubt mine, and I am so happy to have her.

I had a very successful Selling Season this year.  Kept my hands happy most of the month, and then the projects above...I'm enjoying the time from work.  I miss it, but I did need a break from it.  The boys are taking care of it just fine.  I miss my tips and paycheck, too.

Today my Young Son accompanied me to visit my friend I've had the longest, he was 2 when she and I were neighbors.  Her kids remember him, he didn't remember a soul.  Nice of him to go with me, though.  They enjoyed seeing him "all grown up."

This is my Aunt Betty.  She is 90 years old.
She is a hoot!  

So, time to hit the feathers.

Play Nice!  xxoo