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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wednesday Morning Coffee Thoughts

 Synchronicity - Just yesterday I was thinking as I was putting things where they  belong, "I have a lot of 1 yds of fabric...I wish I had a simple pattern to make some tops.

Boom - Last night I found the perfect pattern, and it is printing out now, in all it's PDF glory.  

My little family in Germany are coming for a visit in June!  I haven't seen them for 3 years, and we really don't video chat very often.  Times are different, they are SO I am really looking forward to this visit.  

The Twins were 2, and Delightful was 9 when they left, I watched the babies grow to toddlers in person, from then on it was all in photos, and they have all changed so much, but have remained the same, somehow.  Phew, are they gonna get squeezed!  

I was a little stymied with getting all my sewing supplies put away, but the solution was right in my kitchen, again, with the synchronicity...I had started looking for a small craft cart, but somehow I ended up with one through the move...I don't remember owning this before, but that doesn't matter.  I have it now and it will be the solution I was looking for.  

So, now that I've found that pattern, I am gonna want to get my fabric and sewing machine out, but I can't yet because of all the other things that need to be put away, which is great incentive for me to do that so I can do that.  

I posted some LLBean khaki slacks on Mercari yesterday.  I posted a Mini Kitty on Instagram/FB yesterday.  


Norm the Maintenance Guy just came and went, had to replace a filter.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

I call this one Hannibal.  

Monday, April 24, 2023

Being Positive in a world of Negative Nellies

It is in my nature to look on the bright side of things.  By now I have learned that not every "disaster" is really a disaster, there is always a way to learn something from it, and so far I've survived every  one of them.  

I think that those with a less than positive outlook on life, because everything is just shitty all around them, have the mindset that this is how it's gonna always be, because it has always been this way.  

And that's what they manifest in their lives.  

I can't do that.  I know for sure that when things get shitty around me that it's NOT always going to be like this.  

When someone relates to me a problem they are having, my logical brain kicks in to find solutions.  I will offer up some suggestions I have come up with.  

I don't mind the "what if?" responses, those are good, let's figure this out.

The "Yeah...but" responses, those are arguments, almost asking me to defend my suggestion.  

Hey, my suggestions are free, use them or not.  I'm cool.  

At this stage of my game, I feel that my ego is nestled snug wherever it stays inside me.  I am loved and love many.  I am sure there are people out there that don't like me and I don't care.  There are people I don't like.  I don't go out of my way to bother them, and hope they do the same for me.  

I woke up this Sunday morning feeling a bit cautious and wary...I'll be keeping my wits about me today.  

Took a buncha photos yesterday of some Critters.  

This is a Mini Kitty, 2" x 2"
She's $10 + $5 s/h 
There are many more available, I'll be posting an album on
Handmade by Cosmo

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, April 21, 2023

Friday Morning

 Yesterday's journey out into the world, I was super happy and excited because it was 4/20 and my dispensary had been telling me to be sure and come because they were going to have some lit swag bags!'

Being the ever-optimistic and trusting/naive person that I am, I got up super early, and was the first person in the parking lot.  First in line.  I was giddy!

So, I make my purchase, and they handed me my swag bag.  I couldn't wait to get out to my car to see what I had gotten!  But the bag felt pretty light...guess what they gave us in our swag bags?  A sticker.  Another teeny tiny sticker of Kenny Rogers (?), a can cooler, and a little pocket to put on the back of your phone to hold a debit card...and that was it.  

*insert wow emoji here*

I was so disappointed!  After that, I actually had to go inside the walmart store to get that Super Clean cleaner and a bag of cat litter, and a prescription.  Picked up my grocery order and came home.  

I think I am going to change dispensaries.  While I like the employees at the one I normally go to, the owner has removed the security guard from the store, and if he's so greedy that he can't share a little bit more in a swag bag, well, I'm not interested in filling his coffers,  There is one the same distance in the opposite direction, that's where I'll be heading next time.  

Greedy people are the worst!  That owner probably just lost a customer, and I'm probably not the only one disappointed.  I just can't bring myself to help line his pockets any more.  

So, today I am going to work some more on getting my living space more orgainzed.  The worst part of moving is finding a spot for everthing, and having to remember where that spot is.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Well, Shoot

 Payday is not until next week.  I don't know why I have such a hard time remembering!  I thought it was the 3rd week of the month, but today the interwebs tell me it is the 4th week.  Now, I can plan accordingly.  I hope.

Darlin' Danielle sent me some moola, and I'll be fine.  I'd be fine if I hadn't had to pay the deposit for the moving company.  He's sitting over there with more than money than he can see over, and I'm begging cash from my kid.  

I'd much rather be here.  My kid doesn't mind.  

Got a couple loads of laundry going, in the dryer now.  Stoopid Laundry room, only 2 out of 4 washers are working, and only 2 out of 4 dryers are any good.  Plus we gotta pay!  

In a senior community where our rent is federally assisted, already on an obviously fixed and scant income...they charge us a dollar per load.  

Since I am not going anywhere else today, I am going to tackle my felt scraps.  I have ideas for every single one of them!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Good Boy Greg.
He's getting bigger and is just a delight.  


Sunday, April 16, 2023

You Know...

 ...all I had to do was have sex with him.  

I am sitting here in my kitchen, looking at my home, with my belongings that have belonged to me for forever, and that thought popped into my head.  It's not the first time, but today I gave it a little more thought.

I wouldn't have been homeless for a year, but I wouldn't have had the opportunity to be at my sister's when her boyfriend was so sick and ultimately passed.  

I'd probably still be drinking.

I wouldn't have been worried about money, but I wouldn't have had the opportunity and blessing to have the relationship with my son that is growing as he matures and heals from his wounds, physically and mentally.

 I wouldn't be where I have always wanted to be.  In a tiny little apartment, by myself, with all the things I choose.  

And, Greg.  I would have never met and fallen in love with Good Boy Greg. 

Most importantly, I wouldn't be happy.  

I am happy.  I can breathe freely.  There are still a few loose ends to tie up, and they will be in time.  Until then, I get to become who I am now.  

I'm calling this my "Chapter 3."

Chapter 1 - Growing up
Chapter 2 - Working / Parenting
Chapter 3 - All About Me

I know that sounds selfish, but dang, I've been everything for everyone and that's just a fact.  We all have been, I'm not the only one.  

(Side note:  I will always want to help my family/friends in any way that I can.)

It's time for me to be who I really am,  and time at this stage of the game, is pretty precious to me.

My grandkids are far away and growing up so fast!  They haven't seen me in person for it feels like forever, but probably 4 years.  They are coming to visit this Summer and I can't wait to see them!  

And I want to be the real grandma, not the deep down scared one they used to know.  Honestly, I hid it well from them at least, I think.  They may not notice a diff, but my daughter will!  

Anyway, back to the subject...

I am so glad I didn't have sex with him.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

PS  (We did have a nice sex life at one time, but his actions outside of the bed made it impossible for me to be intimate with him anymore.  That was the real root of his frustration along with his mental and behavioural conditions.  I didn't use it as a tool against him, I just couldn't.  Even now, just the thought...nope.  My heart won't let me.)

PS  Also, my 1 year of sobriety anniversary was Friday.  I am amazing.

Friday, April 14, 2023


My boys came to visit me last night, and while I love my boys, I also had plans in my head how I was going to spend my evening, but better than being ignored, I guess. 

My sister, Mary, finally took her car to a mechanic to see why it wouldn't hold a charge but he couldn't find anything wrong with it?  I love her.  Poor old thing.  Tomorrow David's family are going to hold a "Celebration of Life" for him...5 months after his death, on the day after what would have been his birthday (today)...I told her I'd go with her if she wanted to go, but she declined.  I don't blame her, his whole family is just like him.  Abrasive, harsh, crude...and besides, all the lies he told her that we found out the truth about, her memory of him is very tarnished.  

Just like mine is of Jack.  They were great in the beginning, but what they ultimately did ruined everything. 

I have been mentally grappling with myself, wanting justice/revenge/my side of the story to be heard, but none of that matters now.  It's in my head.  The people that I want to know the truth don't give a flying flip about me, that's painfully obvious.  I just gotta get over it myself, and eventually I will.  

My Young Son, on the other hand...well, I'm just thankful for Bryan being able to talk him down, somewhat, but Gator still wants his ounce of flesh.  I don't blame him one bit.  I told him to wait and let Karma take care of it, so he said, "My name is Karma."

He's my "Young Son" but in reality he is a Grown Man.  I have zero control over what he does.  I can advise, warn, and caution, but not control.  

And here's a wake up call for you younger adults.  It may be kinda hard to swallow but here's what I've learned.

You can't fix everyone's problems.  Even if you can see the solution right there out in the open where anyone can see it, maybe they can't.  They have to figure it out for themselves.  You can advise, warn, caution, share an experience, but that's it.  Even if you  have the power to force them to do something, and they do, they will resent you for it.  

Our job is to take care of ourselves, help others when we can, but the only person in this world that you can totally control is yourself.  

In other news...

Today I celebrate 1 year, 365 days, without a drink of any sort of alcohol.  After at least 40 years of daily drinking, the last 10 being drunk more than not.  I am a very high functioning alcoholic.  

I have to say that I kinda miss it, but not enough to break my streak.  The boys left a cold beer here last night, and it will stay in the fridge until their next visit, because if I drank one, I just know that would lead me straight down that same path, and I've already chosen the other fork in the road.  Ta Da for me!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

My sister made the top sign for my Octopus bathroom.
She really is cool.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Easter Sunday

 All fairy tales and nursery rhymes have some truth to them.  

I am sure that something extraordinary happened on this day way back when, but really, no one knows 100% for sure.  

Please don't get me wrong, to my very soul I know there is a Higher Power.  What I don't trust are any history books written by mortal men.  

I guess I should say right now that I do not discuss politics or religion on my blog.  Or with strangers.  So...on to the next subject of the day!  

Going to post some tea cups and saucers today, took pics and did some research on them yesterday afternoon.  They aren't worth much, but they are very nice and awfully fancy.  

I am keeping one extra fancy set, and maybe a couple of small bowls to use as Greg's food and water dishes.  They are just deep enough and "whisker wide."  

I found some of my first burnings, and wow.  I can't wait to work on them some more, using the knowledge and practice I have garnered over the last few years.  

It is a beautiful Spring Sunday, the sun is shiny, the sky is a pretty blue, a few clouds, grass is greening and growing...Greg is so engrossed in watching the birds and squirrels from the bedroom window, I really enjoy this time of year.

The hunt for Morel Mushrooms is underway around here.  

Sad story, a few years ago an innocent bystander was hunting mushrooms, and stumbled across 2 skeletons.  They were 2 girls that had gone missing years before and years apart...same suspect in both girls disappearances, but not enough evidence.  Until their bones were found.  That guy thought he was so slick, but not slick enough and now he's locked up somewhere, hopefully getting a big dose of Karma on the daily.  

Back to mushrooms.  While I wouldn't turn down a fresh Morel sauteed in garlic and butter,  my preference leans towards the "Magic Mushrooms" that bloom this time of year as well.  It's been a long time for this old girl!

I think I will have a shower, then do some major things around here.  The goal I am setting for myself today is to get all the sewing notions and such in one spot, and all the craft supplies in one spot.  

I really need some of those totes...

Wish me luck.  I'll take a before and after pic for sure!

Play Nice!  xxoo

Fancy, right?  Pinky Up!
(This is not the set I am keeping)


 Phew.  Still not finished.  Thoughts at the moment...

Get clear plastic totes with lids.
Put all of Mom's projects (unfinished) into one tote.  I'll save out a couple for my girls, and let Mary's have the rest, some of her grandkids might want to work on something, too.  

I'm gonna need about 7 totes, according to my plan.  I can store some, but some will go to the garage at Young Son's home.  

Ha, I sat here a minute looking at my collection of boxes that hold countless crafty items and sewing notions, I have plans for all of those.

I super cleaned some 

But today I start taking photos of items I am going to sell.  It would be quicker to do it on FB Marketplace, but that involves either me getting out or giving multiple people directions to my house.  Double thumbs down.  

But...I do have a couple of items that I won't ship, so they will be sold locally.  I will plan the meetups at a local place, with item already at least 1/2 paid for.  

I will be listing on Mercari, if anyone is interested...I'm selling jeans for $10/pr plus shipping.  LL B Khaki's same price.  Sizes 10 - 12, In great condition! 

My bed...ok, I've already talked about it, but oh my gosh...I used to go to sleep in the bed I had thinking about my old bed, never dreaming we'd ever sleep together again!  

My bathroom is coming along, 

I found that shower curtain on Amazon
$9.99!  Score!  

Greg is very tired of all the boxes in the living room, and the items on top of the 'fridge.  They are def getting in the way of his zooming around this place all helter skelter and willy nilly.  

From my front windows I can see my neighbor's backyard.  He has two raised garden beds, and works on them quite a bit.  Yesterday I saw a nice sized rabbit in his yard, kinda sniffing around the garden beds.   

Rabbits gotta eat, too.

And the tree I thought was going to be purple blooms before the green leaves fooled me, no purple, just green.  I love this time of year!  

I better get busy, my sis and niece are coming today.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, April 3, 2023

Day Four

 Oh My Word...I had no idea how much stuff I really have.

I am not surprised at the amount of sewing & crafting supplies, but I am shocked at the amount of clothes!  

I did have a walk in with rods on both sides (Summer on one side, Winter on the other), so maybe that's why it didn't look like much.  I'm all for comfort, nothing fancy or trendy.

My bed.  Man...I did miss that comfort for sure

Unboxing has been fun!  I found this last night and caught my breath,,,

When I was little, I thought this was me.
A lady made it for my mom when she was preg with me.
This is one of my most prized possessions.

I better get to it, My boys are coming later this week to help me move some stuff around.  I will be ready for them by then.  

Off to my bedroom to figure out this clothes situation I seem to have found myself in.  I am sure there are all sizes from 8 - 14 in there.  

Oh, and got all my winter coats!  Spent the last two winters in my Roswell Hoodie, until I got a purple wool coat at the thrift store last summer.  

Play Nice!  xxoo  

Saturday, April 1, 2023


 April 1st, 2023  Saturday

He did it.  He even sent everything in my bedroom (yes we had separate).  The bed, dresser, chest of drawers and mirror.  My bedroom is full now, I gave the bed I had to my niece and nephew.  Old dresser that was here when I moved in, and 1 bookcase are by the dumpster.  

My bed.  My sheets.  My pillows.  I slept in my own bed in my own place for the first time in over a year.  And kids, the smell.  I thought it would dredge up bad feelings, but strangely it was a very comfortable smell.  I slept like I haven't slept in a long time.  

There is a lot of stuff in my small place, I will be purging a lot!  I have way more clothes than I thought I had, that's one thing for sure.  

All my old burnings, from when I first started...I believe that we are going to have to have a great big bonfire, because I am not going to try to sell them.  I'll let the fam go through and see if they want anything first.

All my sewing supplies and fabric!  Oh my goodness!  Having it all right here is giving me a great opportunity to have it completely organized and I am stoked about that!  

And all my felt!  I have SO MUCH, and I have so many ideas and all the time in the world  (that I will be allowed, of course),

There are a few things left behind.  I'll make a list once it's all unpacked.  So far it looks like just some things that were in the storage room.  That's a room off the basement with shelves, goes all the way under the garage.  Hopefully he will let unprofessionals come get that, I don't think a tote would cause $800 damage to his floor.  ha ha ha.  

And now that you are updated, I am going to put on some 70s tunes and bop around putting things away around here.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

I took this when they were about 1/2 way through unloading the truck.  
Half way, there was this much brought in after this.  
My living room is 10' x 10'  

Greg has thoroughly enjoyed this new area of exploration that he is sure I set up just for his amusement.  

Ooooh, This Move is Getting Expensive!

 I am seriously wondering if he will go through with it.  I hope he will.  I can almost 100% bet that he will keep the title, though...ah well.   Just want my STUFF, dude.  

Phew, I am a nervous nellie today!  Not scared like I used to be all day every day, this is just nerves.  

Beautiful day outside!  All but one window open in my apt.  

Greg is loving that!  Birds, Squirrels, Dogs barking...his little jaw chattering, it's just so dang cute!

I took a trolley load of cardboard boxes (and they were good ones) to the dumpster today.  I worried that I might need them, but I did it anyway.  'Cos that's how I roll.  

Greg wants to play.  More later!