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Friday, April 10, 2020

Just a little Update

Still in self-quarantine.  Picking up another grocery order this afternoon.  I'm thankful that Sweetheart can continue to play golf as much as possible.  It's really the best for both of us, 

I've been doing my burnings, planted some seeds, then transplanted them to a pot this week.  We are going through another cold spell...freezing at night.  If these don't make it, I'll get some others.  I really do like starting them from seed, though.

There has been some "behind the scenes" stuff going on in my little slice of Paradise.  Probably not any different that anyone else...I'm sure we all have things we don't talk about on the internet, well, I hope not anyway.

I have been watching a lot of Steve Wilko, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, as I burn.  Seriously that is like pure comedy to me.  Just love it.

So, I have a few things I need to get busy doing, so I should probably get to it.  Just wanted to check-in.  Oh, yeah, 2 positives in the Nursing Home a few block from us.  Ambulances and I think Life Flight was involved

Y'all,  for real, stay safe.  Stay home as much as you can!  I know it's Easter but I'm sure Jesus will understand if you watch your services at home.  It's what's in your heart, not where you are. 

Play Nice!  xxoo

My Spirit Animal, lately.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


I have to say, thank goodness for grocery pickup. 

I told Sweetheart yesterday, that with his collapsed lung ordeal a year ago, that I would go to the store for supplies.  No reason for both of us to go out, and he is more in danger going into the cesspool of Walmart. 

Talking to Darling Danielle yesterday, she said to just order groceries for pickup.  I planned to do that, without him knowing, because he was dead set against it. 

But, guess what?  He decided that it was safer for both of us to place an order for pick up.  No reason for either of us to go into the store. 

So we did.  Picking up tomorrow evening.  I am stoked!  I've been wanting to do this for a long time, mostly because I am an impulse shopper, so I feel this will be more cost efficient.

We're working on week 4 of isolation.  Self Quarantine.  Hopefully this order will carry us until the "all clear" is announced.  If not, we will order again. 

I've been working on some custom orders. 

I have to admit, this morning was a little's been cold and rainy all day yesterday and today.  I think I will be better once me and my canines can talk a walk outside in the next couple of days.  The neighborhood we live in has very little traffic, so we can walk in the middle of the street.  Keep social distance, and work off some of those doggie toenails/talons.  Hopefully tomorrow we can resume our walkies.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, Wash those hands & Play Nice!  xxoo