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Friday, October 14, 2022

Catching up.

 He came into my work room,  pointed his shotgun at my face and said he could kill me if he wanted.

I called law enforcement, they took him to jail.

I ran far far away.

Update - October 14, 2022

Eventually I came back to my town.  Tried staying with my son but that didn't work out.  

Then, i turned to my sister here in town in her apt with her terribly obnoxious boycriend, who has cancer.  

So much has happened, some fun, a lot of chaos, sickness and emotions.  

I was so grateful to have a place to live.  Blessed.  I help around the house, give them their privacy, its all good...

Its been almost a year.  I am finally #2 on the waiting list for a place of my own.  I really am so ready.  

While I love my sister and if it wasn't for the Obnoxious one, I might stay...

But I have been longing for a place of my own, with a pet of my own, the rest of my life as I want without having to walk on eggshells, or like I don't belong there.

I knew all along that the house I lived in wasn't a home, but it was a warm and safe place for the kids to grow up.  He was very generous and if he didn't love us he sure did a good job faking it.

He didn't start his downward spiral until 2012.  I haven't seen nor spoke to him since that night.  All my things are still there, I will get them once I've gotten my place.  Squeeee!

The lid is burnt then colored with oil based color pencils.
The inside is shaded by burning.

Pumpkin Spice plaque

Smile plaque

Sonethng's Fishy




Same box, showing fancy hardware

Bunny plaque

Prices do not include the postage, $9.25 for the boxes.

That's just some of the pyrography by I have done.  Cigar boxes with fancy hardware, some wall hangings, etc.  I am working on getting them all listed on "Offer Up" which is an app to download, buy and sell, you know.  

I will include the link asap, my phone is in my room charging, and this stoopid Fire is such a dumb tablet.  Anyone have a tablet they aren't using?  Can you help a girl out?
(just kidding, kinda?)

My right hand index finger got really, really sore from the wood burning, so I have hung that up for a bit.  

My hands aren't happy unless they are busy making sonething, so I have returned to my felt Critters.

Only now, with my clearer head, (did I mention I quit drinking?  6 months today) I am able to be a bit less rushed and more attention to details.
Gray Dog Sitting

Dino Meteor

My Critters are $15 + postage, around $8 I believe.

So, that's the Reader's Digest version of the last few months.  

If you found yourself here on my blog, it would be cool if you left a comment, and/or shared with your friends and family.  

Christmas is coming, just sayin'...
Play Nice!  😘  xoxo