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Sunday, February 12, 2023

OMGosh this cat!

The last cat that lived with me, was at least a year old, and had mainly lived outdoors up the street from us...until he came to live on our deck, then into our home when Winter came.  From then on he was ours.

The last time I successfully raised a cat from a kitten, I had nothing to do with it.  I was a kid, my mom raised it.  I didn't remember the spurts of energy that hit a kitten all of a sudden.

There are a couple of times every day, never at the same time of day, that he goes berserk.  He'll grab a frazzled piece of rope (or Mousey or whatever) and tear through this little place at a breakneck speed.  And from top to bottom.  Starting in the living room he tears up the hall, into the bathroom into the tub outta the bathroom into the kitchen up top of the fridge back down ooops dropped whatever, run around, swat whatever, chase it, lather, rinse, repeat.

Then he'll groom a minute, hop up in the window, like, yo, it's cool, we cool.  

I love this cat.  

His body is growing, but his head is staying kitten size.  
I hope it catches up soon.  

I threw some small tomatoes out in the yard by the window he looks out of, hoping to entice some birds and squirrels over closer where he can see them better.

Happy to report that my dizziness has diminished and my balance is much better.  Back on my pills for a week and two days now.  I will never do that again.  

Hope you had a good Saturday!

Play Nice!  xxoo


I do, in fact, have a skeleton in my closet.
Meet Calvin.  

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Spring Countdown

In one week and one month, it will be Spring here in my little slice of Heaven.

Since I have moved to a different slice, I have a whole different outdoor area to make my own, and I'm pretty excited about it.  

Right outside my door, and directly to the left, I have a 6' x 6' square porch/patio.  One of my living room windows are right there as well.  I want to make that into a screened cat window, where Greg can come sit outside with me, yet still be contained.  

I mean, I'd keep a dog on a leash out there, can't let pets run all willy nilly with other people around.

A sturdy little bistro set, with an umbrella (I have fair skin), an outdoor rug, and a couple of Elephant Ear plants on each of the outside corners would make a very nice, private little spot to sip my morning coffee, don'tcha think?  

Gonna see my sister tomorrow, and my boys.  Another trip out in the world, so I can hibernate for the following week.  I love it!

Play Nice!  xxoo

A burning I started yesterday.  
Just a Steampunk Snail
on a slab of wood I found.  
I'll show you more tomorrow, or soon.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Telling the Truth

 Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in my brain thinking about my life.  Still hard to wrap my head around my mom passing away at the age I am now.  

My life has gotten to it's final chapter.  Not that I'm dying anytime soon, it's just that I have less time left than I ever have had before.  I am becoming an elder, and with that comes certain responsibilities that have been bestowed upon me by age and the wisdom that comes with it.

At the same time, my life has began a brand new chapter.  One that I have dreamed about and wished for my entire life.  

Disclaimer:  I loved living with my kids as they were growing up.  It was just the 3 of us for a long time, and that was the best!  

Having my own place.  Living alone.  Like my Grandma Baker did.  I spent a few Summers with her, she didn't drive, we didn't do anything special, no crafts or museums or shopping...we worked in the garden, we washed our hair with water from the cistern, we went to bed when the chickens did (always washed our feet first) and got up when they did, too.  


Telling the Truth.  Big Responsibility.  And it's a grand and glorious thing when a person can speak the truth to someone that needs to hear it, actually hears it.

Because sometimes, most times, when the Truth blurts out of my face, or through my fingers, I feel like the messenger.  Like, someone had to say it, even though to me, it's right should be obvious...but I also know from personal experience that everyone also have their own set of blinders on.  What's perfectly visible to some is invisible to others, I guess?  I don't know all the answers.

Facing the Truth has its own set of stages, usually each of them is difficult.  Because facing it means to look at it from all angles, not just an emotional one.  It means trying to see it from a different perspective.  Maybe even remove yourself from it and see it as an outsider...I don't know all these answers, either.

I'm learning.  I am teaching, and I know things I didn't use to know.

I see a young mommy with her babies at the grocery store, and I smile at her and say something encouraging to her,  they won't always be so little.  I see Grandmas with their g-kids, and I know they know.  I see an older woman with one of her parents, helping them shop, and I want to hug her and tell her how lost she will be when this one is gone, too, just so she will see just how precious each and every moment she gets to spend with them is, but I just smile at both of them, because I know.  And she will, too, soon enough.  

That's probably enough for today.  I have a new burning I want to get started on.  It's gray and chilly outside, supposed to rain, it's a good day to stay in.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

P.S.  Leave a comment?  Share with your friends?  Or not, it's all good.  ;)

Dammit...and Happy Tuesday

 I dropped my phone in the toilet this morning, luckily "before" but still, and I don't have any rice.  I tapped it on the table until there were no more water drops, and now I have it propped in an upright position, but the screen is flickering a little, and the last message I read on it was that it was overheating, and that it might flicker a little bit.  

So I turned the screen off.  Gonna leave it alone, hopefully it will be fine.  I really just  need it to be fine.  

Woke up on my own this morning about 10 minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  I did have it set today, because I am going out to lunch with a friend today.  

Tomorrow they guess it might rain.  Might not...

I also dropped the lid to my cute little mini electric skillet, that thing shattered!  I'm really disappointed, because that was the perfect size for 1 bowl of regular popped corn, I even had it down to it burning just a smidge, 'cos I like it like that.  

So, if the dropsies come in threes, I hope it happens here, and not to anything as important as my phone and my mini elec skillet lid!  

Last night I started stuffing a very stoned looking Kitty, in my opinion.  I embroidered a spiral on it, in a very close shade to the color of it, which is a dark pink, with a lilac accents.  I used the scraps from a couple of others I had made earlier. 

The purples have been calling out to me.  I was at a thrift store in early Fall, and went directly to a beautiful purple wool coat, with black faux fur collar and cufffs.  It covers my behind, and I love it.  For $12.00.  A lot of the Critters I have made lately have been in the purple family.  

I remember way back in the day, before I was a mother, that I had an affinity for purple.  I know I had a coat, and it seems like a lot of my "office" clothes were purple/ish as well.  

Could it be I am getting back in touch with that girl I used to know/be?  It kinda feels like that.  I remember her, I liked her.  She liked what she liked and did what she liked to do.  

Anyway, thinking out loud.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, February 6, 2023

If it ain't broke...

 A girl at DG wants me to take a cat from one of the employees there.  Not steal it, just re-home it, and I refuse.  She says, "yeah, but Greg needs someone to play with."

No.  If he wants to play, I will play with him.  He has his ways let me know that's what he wants and we will run willy nilly around this place with the wand toy, or we'll throw a toy behind the toy box, we will play.  

She says, "Yeah, but what about when you are gone?  He'll be lonely."

I am pretty much home 24/7.  If I have to go anywhere, I go do what I need to do then I come back home, to my cat.  And I am certain to be home before dark, so my window of being gone is brief.  A "cat nap" amount of time for him.  

I brought Greg into my life for us to be buds to each other.  As much as I love animals, I'm not a rescue unit.  I am a single woman, with one cat.  We are learning each other, both of us are smart and learning quickly, and we enjoy hanging out like we do.  That's it.  

Now, if a cat happens to choose me/us, that's a whole 'nother story.


I decided on Friday that I am officially not going to wear makeup anymore.  I haven't, really, for over a year now, but always thought that maybe if I was doing something special I might, but no.  

Instead I am going to invest what I would spend on makeup on creams that firm this and that on my face.  I'll still have what I lovingly refer to as laugh lines, they just hopefully won't be so deep, and that puffiness under my eyes that I do not refer to in any type of loving way whatsoever, should tighten up a bit.  

Of course, I will have to wait until payday to start this plan of action.  Already have 1 cream lined up, in a cart, ready to go. 

I will call this version  the New Old Real but Improved Me.  

Gad, sometimes I think too much.  Side effect, what can I say?  

I did not wake up to an alarm this morning, but did naturally wake up at 7:58 am.  

Tomorrow I actually have plans to have lunch with my darling daughter's husband's Aunt.  She's cool, and I haven't seen her since the kids left 3 years ago (how can it be that long ago?) so I sent her a "hey how you doin'" type of message, and from there we're meeting for lunch.  

My son-in-law has such an interesting family, and I get along with most of them.  Of course, as in all families, there is that one or two that are balancing on the tips of the branches, really wanting to be an important part of the flock, but their crazy squawking won't allow it.  All the others are nice to them in their own ways, but everyone knows, even the squawkers know, but they just can't help it.  Bless their beaks.  

Today is going to be another warm day in February.  I gathered quarters yesterday, so I'll be doing a couple loads of laundry this afternoon. 

 I try not to do it on Mondays or Tuesdays because the landlord is in his office on those days, and his office is connected to the laundry room, which causes it to be a little steamy in there, but I'll leave a door open since it's nice.  I need to fill out a work order, too.  It's gross, but my shower drain needs a good snakin'.  

Not a fan of standing in ankle deep water while I shower.  

Later that same morning, just turned noon...

My laundry is in the dryer, I was able to use the big washer and the big dryer, plus the dryer was warm from the last cycle, so that's a plus.  I'm back at my apt, trolley loaded for the dumpster, then I'll pick up my mail, grab my laundry and be home.  I have a couple of windows open, as it's 64 degrees right here right now.  Looking forward to setting up a bird feeder outside Greg's window.  

Besides going out to lunch tomorrow, I have zero plans for getting out in the world for the next few days.  Rain on Wednesday, and while still warm for February, the rest of the week will be chilly outside.  But my sweats will be clean, and my really cool socks will be, too.  I have one pair of really cool socks, and the underwear situation is not great.  I have other socks and I do have underwear, it's just time for some freshin' up.  

Ain't nothing like a brand new pair of undies, though, right?  

I guess I better close for now.  I will have done enough chores after I get my clothing put away to warrant a little "me time."

Play Nice!  xxoo

P.S.  Greg is amazed by the open window.  He's so smart! 

Valentine Kitty
Could be Valerie, Could be Valentino...
Hand stitched with a verigated pink embroidery floss
 and hand stuffed by me.
$15.00 + $5.00 s/h
One of a Kind!
Message me if you are interested.  

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Recreational Marijuana in Missouri!'s still illegal Federally, so you can still get in trouble!  Pffft.  

Our "systems" are so stoopid and broken.  It is def time to scrap them all and redo.  

Not the Constitution, I am talking about all the red tape and mumbo jumbo and hoops that we have to jump through to get what is rightfully ours to begin with!  

Recreational Marijuana...finally!  We are finally allowed to enjoy a weed that grows here on this planet just as naturally as a dandelion.  I cannot wait to nurture a tiny little weed to a full blown "flower" producing plant, right outside on my patio, where I can see it from my window...

Oh, wait...I live in a federally assisted complex, which means I pay a lower rent (for a crappy 1 br apt but it's mine and I love it), because the feds are doling out my money in meager little doses, lest I get to carefree and want to fill my entire gas tank instead of putting $10 (sometimes in quarters) at a time, I would get in trouble for growing that here.  As a matter of fact, if I even smoked marijuana in the apt. I live in, since the feds pay part of my rent, I could be evicted on the spot.

But I can walk into a dispensary now, without a card, and buy some.  

*insert a very large question mark here*

Today is Sunday, and my sister wants me to go to the disp. with her.  Of course I will go with her.  I know most of the employees by name, and I usually have a good time there.  

I pretty much have a good time all the time now.  I am probably a little too loud, a bit too exuberant at times, I just want to make a difference in other people's days in a good way.  

Now, the good people of Missouri that have been buying off the streets can get a decent bag of weed for a good price, legally.  Shoot, they can even order online and use the ding dang drive thru!  

Since I have an errand to run, I believe I will have a shower.  60 degrees for the high today?  In February?  Yes, please!  I'll be sporting a hoodie today!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

P.S.  puff puff pass  *gs*

I burnt this.
Its a cigar box sized box, with fancy antique bronzed hardware.
Super Cool, polyurethane sealed inside and out.
Special Offer for this blog only until Feb 28, 2023
$20 ($5.00 off) + $7 s/h
Tell your friends, I'll give them the same deal until that date, 
Code Word = Legal

La la la!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

No Alarm Saturday

 A few things have transpired over the last couple of days, my finances are tight, once again.  Everything is just so ding dang expensive out there!  Trust me when I say, as a senior, I am thankful for the mostly healthy vessel I am traveling in, I don't have a large need for medicine.  I believe in comparison to some of my peers, I am blessed because DANG medicine is so expensive!  

Whoever is in charge of this place we are living is not doing a very good job for the little people that live here, too.  Shame on them, whoever they are.  Greedy.  Greedy is what they are, and mean.  

I believe in Karma.  

Anyway, moving forward...

So much food from the food pantry!  I gave most of mine to the boys, but I did keep out a few things.  Some Crescent rolls to bake, because they are a nice Sunday morning treat, and almost as fancy as a Croissant.

From where I sit at my kitchen table, I have a big window to my right.  Directly in my sight is what I believe to be a Mulberry Tree in the neighbor's backyard.  I am anticipating a nice zing of color right there this Spring, and will share a pic in all it's glory.


That same neighbor also has 2 raised garden spots where I can see them.  I hope they grow tomatoes and zucchini, and I hope they share.  Gotta get a little bistro set for my front porch area.


So, the alarm thing.  I believe I mentioned here the I've been thinking about not living by the clock so much, anyway...

Last night I turned off the alarm for today.  I woke up once at 2, went back to sleep, and slept very well until 8:51.  Greg was next to me, started purring the moment I woke up.  What a great start to the day.  We schmoozed for a minute, I went to the bathroom (less dizzy than yesterday so far) did the morning things, he had brekkie, I had meds and coffee, he's playing now, I'm doing this, guys, this is the life, I'm telling you.  

So, with visions of round burnings dancing in my head, due to tight finances, I will be working on a couple of small trays I already have this weekend, patterns yet to be determined.  These are a little challenging, with the edge around the tray, but it can, has, and will be done.  Still have a couple Kitties to stuff and finish, and stitching on a different Critter that will be unveiled soon.  It's one I've made before, but now with a little more "horsepower."

 This is "April Showers"
She's finished, ready for her close-up.

I was pretty unsteady on my feet yesterday, Mary and I went to the new Dollar General in town.  We have 3 for a population of 10,000.  The new one is nice, cleaner than the old one, which was the oldest one,'s all self check out, and if you want the cashier, you hit the button on the screen and wait...and wait...and, well, you get it.  Anyway, besides it being on "his" side of town, which I hate to go to, I like both of the other DGs better.  

Mary suggested I get a cane, just in case, which isn't a bad idea, but have you priced one lately?  Jeez Louise, us poor folk gotta go walk in the wood to find a suitable dead branch...wait, that actually sounds cool.  My son has woods right behind his house.  I could take the bark off of it, and I could burn some cool designs on it.


Hoping that the dizziness can be attributed to my being stoopid (for the last time) and letting my thyroid meds lapse, I can see my vision clearing up a bit already.  I could actually read the TV last night.  

I learned that all light bulbs are not created equal now.  Thinking I had ordered just regular, generic light bulbs, I ended up with "daytime" bulbs which, in my opinion, do not mesh with "regular" light bulb light, nor do I care for the light they put out.  Gotta read the fine print, kids, even if it takes making the font bigger on your phone, like an old person.  Oh, wait...yeah, I am an old(er) person and I did have to enlarge my font.  So be it.  

Just got a mystery package in the mail, from "Online Seller."  I think I have gotten everything I have ordered, so what could it be?  


Oh yeah, it was Greg's flea collar for this coming season.  I do not mess around with fleas.

Need any?  The food pantry gave this to me.
Mary got one, too.
I can't eat that much spaghetti,
but I'm dang sure safe from vampires!

Play Nice!  xxoo

P.S.  I think the egg craze may be over, they gave us 4 dozen each yesterday. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Greg, and other thoughts

 Greg, after seemingly healing from his food allergy (somewhat self diagnosed), has been a maniac for the past few days.  

My place is small, but it can be traveled in a circle, at an amazing kitty speed, including a leap from the floor to the top of the fridge.  

He is like a toddler, I have to constantly move any small, moveable objects on any flat surface before he casually/intentionally knocks them to the floor.  With this cheap, wood looking flooring and no rugs yet, even a pen makes a bigger noise than it should.  

And dangly things...How can I have something like the shade opening wand dangling and him not play with it?  

All he's doing is being a cat, and I get that he's a young one and feeling good and that makes me happy.  But that doesn't mean he's not getting some CBD cat treats.  Never too young to learn the art of being mellow.  

Next Day:

The boys came over and moved a med cabinet for me.  It involved a dril, which I do not have yet.  

They got to meet Greg, and he was cool with them.  I foresee a kitten in their very near future.  

Greg's really bouncing back from his allergy, his fur is so soft!  And growing in at the base of his tail, he's just about full fledged Greg again!  

I'll be going to my sister's today, it's Food Pantry Day!  We keep so much food from going to waste!  There is way too much for just one person, so she shares with her kids and I share with mine.  Everybody wins.  

These are the days I love my little trolley.  I can't wait to get/make a liner for it.  Maybe someday soon I will have my sewing machine here!  

I was chatting with some old friends in a crafty group I belong to, and I believe they are going to send me some scrappy scraps I could use on my Critters.  I am excited about that.  

I also would like to covet all your selvedge.  Please cut it 1/4" above the selvedge itself.  I will pay you back for the postage, rounded up to the next dollar.  TIA

Gotta run, see you soon!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Just a purple Kitty
$15 + $5 s/h
Send me a message