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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Farmer's Market


I got up at 5:30 Saturday morning, and headed to my former hometown for their last Farmer's Market/Junk in the Trunk on the Square.  You can see that we pull into a parking spot, then work from the back of our vehicles, which I think is awesome, especially for setting up and tearing down.  

I was able to sell a few pieces, that made me happy.  Got a lot of compliments on my work, a lot of folks picked up my business card, so that makes me hopeful!  

Early morning markets are not the best place to sell handmade items.  My daughter and I did a lot of shows when she was living in the US, most of them were afternoon/evening and we had good luck.  Gosh, I think back to how green I was to pyrography at that time, but still was able to sell some pieces.  

The highlight of my day was when a little girl bee-lined to my little faux patent letter Fat Cat, with the textured highlight on his belly.  In the pic, it's the black one on the left corner.  I could tell by her eyes that she loved it.  She asked me how much it was, so I told her it was $5 (usually $15) and she was so disappointed.  I asked her how many dollars she had to spend and she showed me a $1 dollar bill.  

Of course I sold it to her for $1!  She loved it, and I wasn't going to let her leave without it.  I even asked her if she wanted to pick any of the others of if she really wanted that one.  She hugged it to her chest and said that was the one she wanted.  Made me really happy.  

I sold the Big Fat Halloween Cat, and the Big Dipper Cat, a couple of burnt pieces, and had a good time.  I was happy to be home after it was over, though.  I'm always happy to be back home.

My sister, Mary, and I went to the Thrift Store here in town on Friday, and I scored some more yarn for my stocking hats.  My stack of hats is growing!  Now that my fingers are used to making them again, I can whip one out in a couple of days.  

Life is good!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

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