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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Taking a Break

Going to put aside my wood burning for a bit.  I think I may have burnt myself out on Christmas Gifts this year!  Not sorry...I was happy with everything I made.

I'm just in one of those creative slumps, where I'm not inspired to work on the things I've been working on.  I put my Critters away for a year before, and came back to them even better.  So, for now...

It's called Slow Stitching.

I use canvas, but you could use fabric, of course...if you're interested, you can Google it.  It's just hand stitching using scraps, different elements, different stitches in a free form style.  Very relaxing.  This was my first one.  

Other than the deep freeze of weather which we are finally, slowly warming out of, all is well in my world.  Greg is not as much of an asshole as he has been, but he's still an ass.  Brad has become a "teenager," and he's learning asshole tricks from Greg.  Brad's demeanor is diff, though.  Greg doesn't give a shit when he's in trouble, Brad is immediately sorry and goes into his "limp and purr" posture.  But...we all love each other, they're 'rasslin' right now. 

I am going into town tomorrow.  I haven't seen anyone since Christmas!  Run some errands and get back home before dark.  

Play Nice!  '

1 comment:

  1. I know about those creative slumps only too well.
    It's probably why I don't manage to make anything else but folded peyote at the moment although it bores me.
    Have fun stitching! :-)